Friday, November 04, 2005

Linas visiting Madrid

Well, I am too lazy to write all the story, so I am posting some parts of Linas' letter :)

(C) Linux:
29 de octubre
When I came to Madrid I was kind of sick having a big hangover without drinking.
Dalia met me at the bus station and we went to her place. After she found out how good I was feeling after the trip she decided to finish me. After the metro she wanted to try one bus and see if it goes to her place. Guess what. It didn’t!!!! So we went to totally opposite side and had to go to the last station and return. One more hour in a bus :))) When we came back I didn’t feel my face. But little by little we had a little walk and I felt better. (Dalia no offence :)) After Dalia told me that she went to shop to buy a beer specially for me I started loving her again. So we had very good pasta, beer and I started feeling like going out. Francois had his sister and cousin visiting had really big plans for that night – the biggest night club in Europe “Kapital”. The warm up in his place was really strong. I won’t mention more detailed for some reasons:) And at 3 AM we left to this club. It was really very nice. I never been to such one before. That night we had
to turn one hour back so we had one more hour of fun. Francois tried himself as GoGo dancer in a special balcony. At my opinion he could make a career, but he was kind of afraid to fall down from 5 meters (as I mentioned warm up was strong) and soon went down. We left a bit after 6 and wee with Dalia went home. First we had to
go by metro and than by bus. So we were home at about 8 in the morning. I slept a bit in metro and bus, coz I had Dalia by my side and felt safe. Next morning I tried that alone, but later about it.

30 de octubre
Next day Dalia didn’t feel very good and that was very funny to her roommate Alex. Borachita – that her new name now. I was OK. After Dalia made a very good pancakes and some rest we went to the city to meet Francois and his family. It was kind of raining but we went to visit city. Was nice. Later we came back to Francois place had some beers, but nobody felt too good after yesterday and we decided to go home.

31 de octubre
Halloween, but Dalia and Francois were working and I was visiting the city alone. One street near the Francois place is full of putas (bitches). It’s better to walk with a girl there. I was walking there looking at the ground all the time. I lift them up for one second and at the same moment one very ugly “girl”, whose lips covers half of her face (imagine monkey) sent me a kiss. I put myself together and didn’t lift my eyes anymore. Well later I visited Kingl palace. Later spend listening singing and playing guitar near the palace. I came back home had some beers with American twins (nice girls) who live with Dalia. That BUM Dalia came and told bad news. The mood was not so good so we over ate picas with beer and went to the city to do Halloween pub crawl. Too bad that Dalia left us kind of early… The night was fun and at 6 in the morning there were no more free working bars of clubs.
Francois has very fun girlfriends :)) After I went to the bus I went home to sleep. Was not sure if she will let me in, but she did:) During half an hour in a bus at 6.30AM it is impossible not to fall asleep. So I did. I knew that Dalia is living in the bus station that is one before the last one so I was calm. Finally bus driver woke me up and said that it is last station. So I went home (Alex tried that before).

1 de noviembre
Dalia woke me up at 3PM, we talked a bit and I had to go home.


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