Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Paper work

18 de octubre
Finally I decided to go and aplly for that f***ing NIE (Número de Identificación para Extranjeros) The office is working from 9 to 14. I came there at 8 and there was a huge line already waiting :))) I filled all the documents I need and I was told that I will receive everyting by post in 45 days :) Almost like in Denmark,a? :) After I went to the bank. And I was told that I need some more papers to open a bank account :) And aboyt the work permit... nobody knows what documents do I need and where to get them :)))
Everything is so funny here :)
Well, now some guy from the company called and strated to ask many things, what was my situation with workpermit in DK,when did I come to Spain, did I get any stamp :) Sounds serious :))) But its nice that I dont need to do it by my self ;)))


Blogger Nerius said...

Seems like spanish people are working at the imigration ofice here in Denmark, just some how misteriously they speek danish...
The terms are the same, just there are 2 documents to fill, so no problemos with that, a.

Nice posts. Keep informing.

10:11 AM  

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