Monday, October 24, 2005

Salsa weekend :)

21-21 de octubre

On Friday me, Alex (columbian) and his Spanish friend went to the salsa disco "El Sol" The entrance is about 7EUR (drinc included) but if you have good firends you can go for free :) Like we did :)
We came at 12:30 and there were not so many people. Most of them came between 2 and 3. Dancing... well at the beginning it was difficult. I did not dance for 1 month and here dance style is a little bit different :) But after a few songs I felt better :)
On Saturday, I went to another salsa plase with people that I met on Firday. The name of disco is Tropical House. Also for free instead of paying 12 EUR :)
Still cannot take from my head one song... Tengo camisa negra... :)


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