Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Once upon a time there was a sabado :)

15 de octubre
Saturday. What people uzsually do on saturdays...? Shopping!!! True true :) Well, I also went to the city center to visit shops :) It was quite painfull because I did not get my salary yet :) Anyway :) after Aalborg it was like paradise :) so many shops, so many different clothes :) so many long pants!!!! yes, can you believe, in Spain :) and everything is cheeper :)

In the evening I went to the dinner in Elena's place. I made an apple pie :)We eate pasta, tortilia and some other stuff. Again 4 more French people I know in madrdid :) The dinner ended at about 2, so some people went home and some to the bars. I was going to Sol, but on the way I saw my bus :((( and I was too weak to say no :) So I came back home :)


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