Friday, November 04, 2005

How did I finish my carrer in ION

31 de octubre

Monday. Quite busy working day. I've got to test a new software. I had some introduction to it and started to test it. I contacted a developer with some questions and submited 5 bugs :) Well the day passed very fast. After work, As it was the last day of the month, I decided to ask if there are some news about my situation here (concerning a work permit). Well... I was advised not to buy bus ticket for the next month... OK, looks serious. I said that I will not leave until I know the official final decision.
So, I got an email saying that they are very sorry but they cannot confirm my job offer because I dont have a work permit in Spain. And if after the May I will be able to work in Spain leagally, I can contact them and they will check if there are some work for me....
Well, I new that it could happen but I expected that they will find any other solution... but they did not... want to look for. So I left office very fast, just did not want other people to see my cryng, but I could not do anything with myself in a bus....


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