Friday, November 04, 2005

One more day at work...

2 de noviembre
I went to the office again. Well, I cannot leave like this. I am losing my deposit (because i am leaving too early) and to buy a ticket almost the last minute is very expensive also.... So I decided to ask for a compensation. So I had a phone conversation with a lawyer of the company... It was quite hard to argue with him. He was repeating that it was my fault that I did not tell them that I need a work permit. I was telling opposite :)))
Conversation was kind off:
"You are from LT you should know that you need a work permit to work in Spain. I am from Irland and even I know that you need the permit..."
Good one, a? :) If he knew that I need it, why he did not strat the process before I came and asked???
Anyway, I agree that I could do something more about it. But I dont want to be the only one who suffers from it! So, we agreed that I write a leeter with my conserns and the will discuss it.
Its friday now, 4pm, and I am still waiting for the answer from them!


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