Friday, September 30, 2005

El viaje a Madrid

8:25 am
26th September, 2005

I was leaving Aalborg. I didnt know when I will see it again. It was very sad to leave, but still I could not believe that this was leaving longer than a few weeks. The trip on th train was not very long. At the beggining I was sleeping. Later just looking through the window and thinking how my life could be if I would not have to leave Denmark.
The vagon was quite empty. One hour before Copenhagen some Russians got in. Wearing sportsuits and caps with label "Russia". One of them showed t the seet near me and asked: "svabodna?" (is it free in Russian) Its quite funny :) I did not answer anything, just showed that its free :) I wanted to come back to my thoughts...
The train arrived to Airoport. one nice man hepled me to take out my heavy luggage :) My back sends greetings to him :)
In the airoport I took my ticked and stood in the line to check-in. When I gave my luggage, the woman said that it is too heavy... in Lithuanian :) I asked how much I have to pay, but she told: dont worry, I will not hurt Lithuanian :)
So I did not have to pay for extra kilos :) well it was not so much overweight :) but still nice :) I ate my last big hod-dog in Denmark and went to the plane.
Bye bye Denmark...

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ay ay ay.... My last party in Aalborg....
....or maybe not the last ;) We will see!!!