Thursday, October 27, 2005

View from my window

Still waiting....

Well, no news from the TOP :) I am still not sure about my situation here :/ But Its OK, time is going fast while working. Yesterday after work I walked home, because it was very nice weather. I talked with Anita and later chated with some people in LT on the internet. Then Alex came back. He asked if I want to eat something and I andweret si, cerveza :) So we convinced Anita and we all went to the bar in another side of the street. :) We watched the end of basketball game and the beggining of footbal :))) And came back home :)

PS: in the picture is Anita in our office (balcony :))))

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bad (good?) news

Well it could be that my Spanish nightmare will finish very soon, or will have a break of 3-4 months. I was told that I cannot work here and if I need to get a work permit, I need to be in Lithuania :) There are other options, for example if you were living 3 years in Spain, or if you have some legal relatives in Spain (mother, father, kids, husband) so to get kids it would take longer than to get a work permit, but what about husband? :)))))

Monday, October 24, 2005

About Spaniards :)

My coworker told me about one very famous club here, but also advice not to go only in girls company there. Because other guys will try very much to "speak" with us :) So I told that for me it does not matter, still I dont speak Spanish :) He told: dont worry tehy will try even in Lithuanian :) (xi, just remembed one Italian that we met during last New Year party, who was speaking all languages ;))))
So comming back to the topic. O Friday I was coming back home by bus. And some Spanish tried to talk to me :) So at the end, half of the way home I spoke with one of the guys in Russian :) He was living in Moscow for two years :)
Small world :)


23 de octubre

On Sunday it was very nice weather so I couldn’t stay at home. Anita (American) her twin sister and I, we went to watch football. Friends of Anita were playing. So it was nice to sit in the sun and watch Spanish guys running after the ball :)
Later we went to a bar for a beer (guys were discussing the game) and after with girls we went to the city center for a coffee in Starbucks :)
The day passed very fast :)

I met Carlos :))))))

For those who don’t know the story:
There is a book "Learn Spanish in 30 days". I was learning Spanish from it before going to Spain on Easter. The main person in dialogs of the book was Carlos. And friends were laughing at me, that after learning from this book I will be able to speak in Spanish only with Carlos :)

So guys :) Finally I found a person with who I can speak in Spanish :)))) On Friday, in Salsa club, I was dancing with him and then we started to talk. :) He - in Spanish and I - in English :) Book is not very helpful even when talking with Carlos :D

Salsa weekend :)

21-21 de octubre

On Friday me, Alex (columbian) and his Spanish friend went to the salsa disco "El Sol" The entrance is about 7EUR (drinc included) but if you have good firends you can go for free :) Like we did :)
We came at 12:30 and there were not so many people. Most of them came between 2 and 3. Dancing... well at the beginning it was difficult. I did not dance for 1 month and here dance style is a little bit different :) But after a few songs I felt better :)
On Saturday, I went to another salsa plase with people that I met on Firday. The name of disco is Tropical House. Also for free instead of paying 12 EUR :)
Still cannot take from my head one song... Tengo camisa negra... :)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday again :)

Viernes :)
The day started with a conversation with a boss about my work permit... I was asked to provide all possible documents about my work and all the procedures in Denmark. I wrote an email to RXT (my previous company) and asked for the papers. So I've got very nice recomendation :) and the application for a work permit filled by the company. In Danish :) I don't know if it will help them.
Anyway, everybody have a nice weekend :) I will try as well :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Paper work

18 de octubre
Finally I decided to go and aplly for that f***ing NIE (Número de Identificación para Extranjeros) The office is working from 9 to 14. I came there at 8 and there was a huge line already waiting :))) I filled all the documents I need and I was told that I will receive everyting by post in 45 days :) Almost like in Denmark,a? :) After I went to the bank. And I was told that I need some more papers to open a bank account :) And aboyt the work permit... nobody knows what documents do I need and where to get them :)))
Everything is so funny here :)
Well, now some guy from the company called and strated to ask many things, what was my situation with workpermit in DK,when did I come to Spain, did I get any stamp :) Sounds serious :))) But its nice that I dont need to do it by my self ;)))


16 de Octubre
Sunday. I decide to do some cleaning in my room and when I strated I've got an sms from Angel. No, I am not dreaming and I am not smoking :) He is a Spanish guy which I "met" on internet when I was looking for a room. So, we met, we had some coffe and went for a walk around the city center. Madrid is nice. Lots of people come to the temple to see a sunset in the evening. It looks very nice. Well, as ussually I've got cold :) it was only +20!!!

Once upon a time there was a sabado :)

15 de octubre
Saturday. What people uzsually do on saturdays...? Shopping!!! True true :) Well, I also went to the city center to visit shops :) It was quite painfull because I did not get my salary yet :) Anyway :) after Aalborg it was like paradise :) so many shops, so many different clothes :) so many long pants!!!! yes, can you believe, in Spain :) and everything is cheeper :)

In the evening I went to the dinner in Elena's place. I made an apple pie :)We eate pasta, tortilia and some other stuff. Again 4 more French people I know in madrdid :) The dinner ended at about 2, so some people went home and some to the bars. I was going to Sol, but on the way I saw my bus :((( and I was too weak to say no :) So I came back home :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

The power of blue eyes :)

And who told that you need to speak Spanish in Spain? :) I needed to buy a monthly ticket for a bus and metro. In spain they sell this stuff (when you buy for the first time) between 9 and 12 in the morning. My working hours are between 9 and 6. So what can i do? I went to the shop at 7 pm, right after work. I did not speak spanish :) but I managed to ask for a ticket :) The man that was selling them told: tomorrow morning! What? Again without ticket? i already decided to keep walking to the office untill my first day-off... But I just sayed there as if I did not understand what he was saying and looking at him like in a manner like pleeeeaaaaassssssseeeee. And he could not stand it :) Vale! I've got a ticket :)

Well, this did not work with Alex when I was trying to convince him that we need a cat at home :/

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend in Malaga

8-9 de octubre
We agreed that at 7 am on Saturday I will come to Francois place, and we will leave to Malaga. I decided not to go out that night and spent evening at home with some beer and discussing about political situation in Lithuania and Kolumbia with Alex :) He has a lot of fun when I am trying to explain something in Spanish :) So after two hours of such a conversation I felt very exhausted and went to sleep :)
At night I received a message from Francois "dont even think to come before 7" So I turn my alarm a little bit later :) And i was at his place at 8 :) He was reminding me all the way, that he was waiting for me at 7 and that he could have slept more :) Sorry Francois, but it Spain here ;)
The trip was verry long. But It was nice to look how tha landscape is changing from desert to mountais. It was my 1st time I saw grapes plantation and olives also :) In one place they were doing something with olives and the smell was... like in Aalborg in Spring :)))
Finally we reached Malaga. We did not find the place at onc so we stoped and parked a car in another street (the name of the street started with Doctor ..., so we decided that it should be somewhere near Linux place. As we realised later half of the streets in Malaga strats with Doctor :) We went to look for Linas place. We did not take the address but in the mind was the house 21 :) I dont know how, but we found the place at once, even if it was 25th house :) Who cares about numbers :)
Linas was very hospitable :) and made us pasta with tomatos and tuna :) we were very hungrry :) Also he introdused with his appartment mate from Maroco. Poor guy has Ramadan month and can eat only durring the night. And as Francois said:"Linas like a pig was eating in front of him" :) we also by the way :)
Later we went for a wold arround the city. Or better say we were climing a mountain all the way :) The view was really nice from out there :) Later we went to the beach. Guys were looking for topless girls but they were not successful :p
In the evening football on TV in other words siesta time for me :) In that time Linas and Francois finished Lithuanian vodka, took some beer and me :) and went to the center. It was so nice to see so many people in one place (durring the day I thought the city was empty :) But you will see it yourselves :) Then we were looking for some dicos, unfortunatelly u had to pay for them (chicos 5, chica gratis :)))) so we found one crowded for free :) we came houme before 4.
Next day guys were kind of tired ;) so we went to the palace and to eat a little bit. And we left malaga at 5pm, leaving other activities for a new year :)
On the was home we stoped in one place to eat a sandiwtch with famous ham (pata negra). Good One :) and went Madrid :) And we got lost in the city :) I was at home at midnight :)

Friday, October 07, 2005


7 de Octubre
Thanks God Its Friday!!!!
This week passed very fast. I got lots fo traning at work. After it I wanted just to go home and sleep :) The most interesting activity was shoping :) there is a big supermarkado near the place where I need to change a bus. So yesterday I found there an animal shop with nice small cats :)))) Well... it not the only acctivity, dont worry :)
On Wednessday I went to the city center to meet a spanish girl Elena and two her friends. We had some coffe and then I went to another bar to meet Francois. It was a bar in the center with cheep beer (with smell ow dishwasher) :))) snacks, salsa music and cucarachos :) Francois killed one :)
Thursday and friday we had 2 people visiting from Pisa. They made a prasentation. It was scheduled for one hour, but it took more than two :) Italian style ;)

Well, I think I am strating to feel comfortable here :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lyrinis nukrypimas...

I would like to take the sun from Madird and to bring it to Denmark :) and stay there :)hmm... maybe language also :DDDD

At work

3 Octubre

Well, my 1st day at work. At first I could not wake up at 7, because it was dark and cold!!! But after 15 min I managed to kick myself out of the bed. I was sleeping very bad. maybe because of new place or because of the 1st day at work. But anyway. i took the longest way to work, because I did not find the shortest yet :) But still saved some money and used transportationion provided by the company :) and was late only 5 minutes :)
Well at the first day I did not do anything special. Just was studying about financial markets and bonds. Also started to work with the software. Quite complecated one :))) at least now :) The funniest thing is that on 20th of december we will have Christmas dinner in Pisa (Italy) :)
And I think I will go to spanish lessons :)
Also the eclipse (the moon on the sun) was not as we expected, it was still bright just a little bit colder, and u could see it only with special glasses :)

Sunday :)

2nd octubre
On the sunday morning I woke up at 12 :) collected my last stuff from Francois place and went home. It is a long way by bus, and very good place to practice your Spanish :)
I met a guy from Peru, who is one month in Madrid. He is working now and after he earns enough money he is going to continue studies law studies in Madrid. because the quality of studies is better here. he is working in statybos (dont remember the english word :) I know that it is not intresting to anybody, just wanted to show how much spanish I understand :DDD

Saturday night

1-2 Octubre
So, we went to some Rock Bar on saturday. And who told that Spanish people dont speak English??? They speak! And they know not only that Lithuania's capital is Vilnius, but also that Kaunas has a basketball team "Zalgiris", they know Sabonis and Marciulionis :) and that they were playing in NBA :)
Well we stayed in the bar untill 4-5 and later we wanted to enter another one, but we couldnt :) because Francois was not dressed well enough :) So we went home. I was starving, but all shops were closed and chineese who were selling food were sceared by police :( But at home we found some not stinking cheese :) so it was not so bad :) We decided to watch a film :) Run Lola run :) the only one with english subtitles :) it was quite hard to read so I got asleep :)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tengo una casa :)

1st October
Finally I have a home :) So I will live with american girl (Anita) and in salsa teachers (Alex) room :) without the teacher :) To day I met with him in the center to give money and to take a key. He does not speak English (only Spanish, French and Svensk ) nad I dont speak spanish ;) but still we had very nice conversation :D In the evening I moved to the appartmebt. We 3 had some beers and offcourse watched a salsa concert on PC :)
Now its almost midnight, i am in Francois house and in one hour we are going out :)
I still dont get when they are talking in Spanish :)
By the way :) today +34 :) I love it :)

I need a room!!!!

30th September
From the morning I started to look for a room. To be faster I asked one spanish guy to call and ask about appartment and when I can look at it
I checked 5 :)
1. In the center. Quite big room. Without any furniture. They sais they can give me a matress, but come on, size 1,5 x 1,5 meter :) for me :) Appartment was huge and messy I almost got lost there. Full of cigarets smoke and men :)
2. Erasmus grils German and Italian were looking for a flatmate. At first they did not want me, because I spoke English :) But I convinced them to show me the room... It was 2 square meters :) a room-bed :) and all appartment was very small.
Good that I dont dpeak spanish :D
3. How it shounds to share an appartment with a huge black guy? :) or two of them? well room was very nice, cheep, in a good place but maybe no :) When I told him that I am from Lithuanian, he was saying somethin like: Oh nice, we have some neibhgours girls from Lithuania, poland and Slovakia, they make such a fiestas I am glad that I did not understand more ;)
4. Cheep small room, in a very center, nice girl. Without furniture, with smokers. I told that i want it, but there were more people coming so tomorrow i will know the answer.
5. Far from the center, closer to work. Throught the window you can see mountains :) Big room with double bed :) I would have to share it with american girl whose parents are spanish. In the room, which I could rent, was living a guy from Columbia, salsa teacher :) so he showed a few new steps to me :) while we were having some drinks :)
I want that appartment, but we will see tomorrow.
I was so tired today after running everythere, so i did not go out. And its Friday today!!! Francois said that Linas will be mad at me :) sorry Linai:] but you know how it feels to be in this country during the first days...

Habitacion con perrito :)

28th September
A was checking another appartment. Compared with what I´ve seen later it was very clean and nice :) with a dog :) and the room was with a window to another bedroom ;)
A guy spoke a little bis english. When I said that I was from Lithuania, he told that 1 year ago here was living a girl from LT, from Vilnius and her name was Dovile, sounds convincing :)
But I decided not to take that room. I want to have some frash air :) and people did not look very comunicative :)

1 hour metro, 15 min at work, 1 hour metro again

28th September
After I did not feel pain in may hair after previous night, i decided to go and visit my company. I needed to go by metro and then to take a bus and to ask the driver for La Finca :) I was learning that fraze for all day but I did not use it :) I was looking through the window and saw a big building with sign "Microsoft" :) So I decided to go there :) And it really was like a small city with big buildings and small fountains and a lot of yound people in suites. Real bussines center :)
Ie got an access car in the registry :) where nobody spoke english :) and went to my company´s office :)
My future coleagues looked very friendly. We even made videoconference with London and NY just to say hello :) I´ve got an access card for free transportation to work and left :) next monday I will see then again in working atmosphere :)

Francois alarm

I am sleeping on a matress in francois room. And every morning at 8 a clock i hear... pip... pip pip pip.... pyp pyp pyp pyp.... pyyyyp pyyyyyp pyyyyp pyyyyp.... and this continues for one hour or untill I wake up the owner of the alarm :)

No Appartment :(

27 th Sepember
I went to see the room that i wanted to rent. I met the spanish girl near metro station. She was really nice. I also met her parents :)
The appartment was quite small, dark, with small windows (as I understood later Its quite normal is Spain). The place where it was located was not also very nice. But it was near the main train station (that was bombed on 11 March) so good to reach the work. I told that I want the room. unfortunatelly they rented it to another girl :(((
In the evening we went for a dinner to Perig's place. (Perig and Marc are Francois' friends that arrived at the same day like me) We had very tasty pasta :) adn after went to the bar, where waiters dont speak spanish :) I spent all the evening with among 6 French (I was also considering if to learn Spanish or French) :)))) It was nice :)

First hours in Spain

18:45 pm
26 Septiembre
Madrid Barajas aeropuerto
The flight was fast. I was looking throught the window. Spain looks like mars :) sand and mountains :) yellow and brown colors :)
In the plain I saw a girl with an REstonian flag. While we were waiting for a luggage I asked her if she is from Estonia and where is she going. So she was going to Buenos Aires :) and later to brasil :) Brave girl :) So we talked a little bit and when she went to her next plane and I with luggages went to metro.
I was standing in a line to buy a metro ticket, but the security guy opend the door and let all people to enter metro without a ticket.
To reach Francois place i needed to change 3 metro trans :) with my lugages going up and down stairs :) I was so exhasted when I reached the house. And what do you think? The doorman of the house is asking me (in spanish of course) why I am comming here :) I told that I dont speak spanish (the first sentence u have to learn) and he answered: and I cannot et you in if I dont know who you are. So I told that I am amiga de Francois and he believed me :) and even opend the door of elevator :)
So I reached the first destination!!!!