Friday, November 04, 2005

Victory :)

16:30, 4 de noviembre :)
I have got a compensation!!!

Holidays :)

3 de noviembre
As far I am unemployed at the moment I have a lot of time :) Thomas came to visit me :) Yesterday we went to the city. We met his American friend Jade. We went for a walk (kind of sightseeing) then to the bar to take some cañas, later to the english book store that has caffe also, then to the restaurant to have a dinner with primero, secundo, desert and vine :) 8 euros for a person :) then we went to Francois and took him out of his warm house to the bar :) we had some drinks, but as I had to go to the office today, we decided to come back early... still we missed the last bus :) But its spain and there are night buses :))))

One more day at work...

2 de noviembre
I went to the office again. Well, I cannot leave like this. I am losing my deposit (because i am leaving too early) and to buy a ticket almost the last minute is very expensive also.... So I decided to ask for a compensation. So I had a phone conversation with a lawyer of the company... It was quite hard to argue with him. He was repeating that it was my fault that I did not tell them that I need a work permit. I was telling opposite :)))
Conversation was kind off:
"You are from LT you should know that you need a work permit to work in Spain. I am from Irland and even I know that you need the permit..."
Good one, a? :) If he knew that I need it, why he did not strat the process before I came and asked???
Anyway, I agree that I could do something more about it. But I dont want to be the only one who suffers from it! So, we agreed that I write a leeter with my conserns and the will discuss it.
Its friday now, 4pm, and I am still waiting for the answer from them!

How did I finish my carrer in ION

31 de octubre

Monday. Quite busy working day. I've got to test a new software. I had some introduction to it and started to test it. I contacted a developer with some questions and submited 5 bugs :) Well the day passed very fast. After work, As it was the last day of the month, I decided to ask if there are some news about my situation here (concerning a work permit). Well... I was advised not to buy bus ticket for the next month... OK, looks serious. I said that I will not leave until I know the official final decision.
So, I got an email saying that they are very sorry but they cannot confirm my job offer because I dont have a work permit in Spain. And if after the May I will be able to work in Spain leagally, I can contact them and they will check if there are some work for me....
Well, I new that it could happen but I expected that they will find any other solution... but they did not... want to look for. So I left office very fast, just did not want other people to see my cryng, but I could not do anything with myself in a bus....

Linas visiting Madrid

Well, I am too lazy to write all the story, so I am posting some parts of Linas' letter :)

(C) Linux:
29 de octubre
When I came to Madrid I was kind of sick having a big hangover without drinking.
Dalia met me at the bus station and we went to her place. After she found out how good I was feeling after the trip she decided to finish me. After the metro she wanted to try one bus and see if it goes to her place. Guess what. It didn’t!!!! So we went to totally opposite side and had to go to the last station and return. One more hour in a bus :))) When we came back I didn’t feel my face. But little by little we had a little walk and I felt better. (Dalia no offence :)) After Dalia told me that she went to shop to buy a beer specially for me I started loving her again. So we had very good pasta, beer and I started feeling like going out. Francois had his sister and cousin visiting had really big plans for that night – the biggest night club in Europe “Kapital”. The warm up in his place was really strong. I won’t mention more detailed for some reasons:) And at 3 AM we left to this club. It was really very nice. I never been to such one before. That night we had
to turn one hour back so we had one more hour of fun. Francois tried himself as GoGo dancer in a special balcony. At my opinion he could make a career, but he was kind of afraid to fall down from 5 meters (as I mentioned warm up was strong) and soon went down. We left a bit after 6 and wee with Dalia went home. First we had to
go by metro and than by bus. So we were home at about 8 in the morning. I slept a bit in metro and bus, coz I had Dalia by my side and felt safe. Next morning I tried that alone, but later about it.

30 de octubre
Next day Dalia didn’t feel very good and that was very funny to her roommate Alex. Borachita – that her new name now. I was OK. After Dalia made a very good pancakes and some rest we went to the city to meet Francois and his family. It was kind of raining but we went to visit city. Was nice. Later we came back to Francois place had some beers, but nobody felt too good after yesterday and we decided to go home.

31 de octubre
Halloween, but Dalia and Francois were working and I was visiting the city alone. One street near the Francois place is full of putas (bitches). It’s better to walk with a girl there. I was walking there looking at the ground all the time. I lift them up for one second and at the same moment one very ugly “girl”, whose lips covers half of her face (imagine monkey) sent me a kiss. I put myself together and didn’t lift my eyes anymore. Well later I visited Kingl palace. Later spend listening singing and playing guitar near the palace. I came back home had some beers with American twins (nice girls) who live with Dalia. That BUM Dalia came and told bad news. The mood was not so good so we over ate picas with beer and went to the city to do Halloween pub crawl. Too bad that Dalia left us kind of early… The night was fun and at 6 in the morning there were no more free working bars of clubs.
Francois has very fun girlfriends :)) After I went to the bus I went home to sleep. Was not sure if she will let me in, but she did:) During half an hour in a bus at 6.30AM it is impossible not to fall asleep. So I did. I knew that Dalia is living in the bus station that is one before the last one so I was calm. Finally bus driver woke me up and said that it is last station. So I went home (Alex tried that before).

1 de noviembre
Dalia woke me up at 3PM, we talked a bit and I had to go home.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

View from my window

Still waiting....

Well, no news from the TOP :) I am still not sure about my situation here :/ But Its OK, time is going fast while working. Yesterday after work I walked home, because it was very nice weather. I talked with Anita and later chated with some people in LT on the internet. Then Alex came back. He asked if I want to eat something and I andweret si, cerveza :) So we convinced Anita and we all went to the bar in another side of the street. :) We watched the end of basketball game and the beggining of footbal :))) And came back home :)

PS: in the picture is Anita in our office (balcony :))))

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bad (good?) news

Well it could be that my Spanish nightmare will finish very soon, or will have a break of 3-4 months. I was told that I cannot work here and if I need to get a work permit, I need to be in Lithuania :) There are other options, for example if you were living 3 years in Spain, or if you have some legal relatives in Spain (mother, father, kids, husband) so to get kids it would take longer than to get a work permit, but what about husband? :)))))

Monday, October 24, 2005

About Spaniards :)

My coworker told me about one very famous club here, but also advice not to go only in girls company there. Because other guys will try very much to "speak" with us :) So I told that for me it does not matter, still I dont speak Spanish :) He told: dont worry tehy will try even in Lithuanian :) (xi, just remembed one Italian that we met during last New Year party, who was speaking all languages ;))))
So comming back to the topic. O Friday I was coming back home by bus. And some Spanish tried to talk to me :) So at the end, half of the way home I spoke with one of the guys in Russian :) He was living in Moscow for two years :)
Small world :)


23 de octubre

On Sunday it was very nice weather so I couldn’t stay at home. Anita (American) her twin sister and I, we went to watch football. Friends of Anita were playing. So it was nice to sit in the sun and watch Spanish guys running after the ball :)
Later we went to a bar for a beer (guys were discussing the game) and after with girls we went to the city center for a coffee in Starbucks :)
The day passed very fast :)

I met Carlos :))))))

For those who don’t know the story:
There is a book "Learn Spanish in 30 days". I was learning Spanish from it before going to Spain on Easter. The main person in dialogs of the book was Carlos. And friends were laughing at me, that after learning from this book I will be able to speak in Spanish only with Carlos :)

So guys :) Finally I found a person with who I can speak in Spanish :)))) On Friday, in Salsa club, I was dancing with him and then we started to talk. :) He - in Spanish and I - in English :) Book is not very helpful even when talking with Carlos :D

Salsa weekend :)

21-21 de octubre

On Friday me, Alex (columbian) and his Spanish friend went to the salsa disco "El Sol" The entrance is about 7EUR (drinc included) but if you have good firends you can go for free :) Like we did :)
We came at 12:30 and there were not so many people. Most of them came between 2 and 3. Dancing... well at the beginning it was difficult. I did not dance for 1 month and here dance style is a little bit different :) But after a few songs I felt better :)
On Saturday, I went to another salsa plase with people that I met on Firday. The name of disco is Tropical House. Also for free instead of paying 12 EUR :)
Still cannot take from my head one song... Tengo camisa negra... :)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday again :)

Viernes :)
The day started with a conversation with a boss about my work permit... I was asked to provide all possible documents about my work and all the procedures in Denmark. I wrote an email to RXT (my previous company) and asked for the papers. So I've got very nice recomendation :) and the application for a work permit filled by the company. In Danish :) I don't know if it will help them.
Anyway, everybody have a nice weekend :) I will try as well :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Paper work

18 de octubre
Finally I decided to go and aplly for that f***ing NIE (Número de Identificación para Extranjeros) The office is working from 9 to 14. I came there at 8 and there was a huge line already waiting :))) I filled all the documents I need and I was told that I will receive everyting by post in 45 days :) Almost like in Denmark,a? :) After I went to the bank. And I was told that I need some more papers to open a bank account :) And aboyt the work permit... nobody knows what documents do I need and where to get them :)))
Everything is so funny here :)
Well, now some guy from the company called and strated to ask many things, what was my situation with workpermit in DK,when did I come to Spain, did I get any stamp :) Sounds serious :))) But its nice that I dont need to do it by my self ;)))


16 de Octubre
Sunday. I decide to do some cleaning in my room and when I strated I've got an sms from Angel. No, I am not dreaming and I am not smoking :) He is a Spanish guy which I "met" on internet when I was looking for a room. So, we met, we had some coffe and went for a walk around the city center. Madrid is nice. Lots of people come to the temple to see a sunset in the evening. It looks very nice. Well, as ussually I've got cold :) it was only +20!!!

Once upon a time there was a sabado :)

15 de octubre
Saturday. What people uzsually do on saturdays...? Shopping!!! True true :) Well, I also went to the city center to visit shops :) It was quite painfull because I did not get my salary yet :) Anyway :) after Aalborg it was like paradise :) so many shops, so many different clothes :) so many long pants!!!! yes, can you believe, in Spain :) and everything is cheeper :)

In the evening I went to the dinner in Elena's place. I made an apple pie :)We eate pasta, tortilia and some other stuff. Again 4 more French people I know in madrdid :) The dinner ended at about 2, so some people went home and some to the bars. I was going to Sol, but on the way I saw my bus :((( and I was too weak to say no :) So I came back home :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

The power of blue eyes :)

And who told that you need to speak Spanish in Spain? :) I needed to buy a monthly ticket for a bus and metro. In spain they sell this stuff (when you buy for the first time) between 9 and 12 in the morning. My working hours are between 9 and 6. So what can i do? I went to the shop at 7 pm, right after work. I did not speak spanish :) but I managed to ask for a ticket :) The man that was selling them told: tomorrow morning! What? Again without ticket? i already decided to keep walking to the office untill my first day-off... But I just sayed there as if I did not understand what he was saying and looking at him like in a manner like pleeeeaaaaassssssseeeee. And he could not stand it :) Vale! I've got a ticket :)

Well, this did not work with Alex when I was trying to convince him that we need a cat at home :/